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About Us

Jeevaniya Health Care Cennter was started in 2009 in the holy city of Varanasi. Initially it begin just as ayurvedic OPD clinic in Samneghat near BHU  Varanasi. This was started by couple of qualified ayurvedic doctor Dr.Vineet singh & Dr. Moneeka singh, both   indulge there knowledge together and started a complete panchkarma unit of Jeevaniya Health Care Center 2010. During this journey they realise that Kasi is not only Centre for ancient history ,culture and education but also the medical hub in the field of Ayurveda as well as modern medical science , so they  decided to expend there work .
“प्रयोजनं चास्य स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थयरक्षण मातुरस्य विकारप्रशमनं च ।। (च०सू० ३० )

Patient First

Our First Priority to handle patient with all of our efforts and care

Smart Healthcare

We deliver smart health care to our patients to make them feel good

Latest Research

We are using Latest Aryuvedic Technologies to Care our Patients

Secured Patient Data

We never share any kind of details to anyone

We operate 24h a day - every day!

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Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Vineet Singh

Senior Doctor / Director

dr monika singh

Dr. Moneeka Singh 

Infertility Expert

Our Medical Team

We Are Having Team Of Qualified Expert Doctors

All Our Doctors

Services We Provide

infertility Clinic

Aryuvedic Infertility Treatment

                                               Infertility Treatments

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pcod -jeevaniya


                                      PCOS Ayurvedic treatment

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piles - jeevaniya

Piles Ayurvedic Treatment

                                         Piles Ayurvedic Treatment

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Garbh sanskar

Garbh Sanskar

                                          Garbh Sanskar Classes

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knee pain - jeevaniya


                                                       Arthritis Treatment

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uttar basti - jeevaniya

Uttar Basti.

Uttar Basti Treatment

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sarvan prashan

Swarn Prashan Sanskar

                                                        Swarn Prashan Sanskar

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ayurvedic courses

Ayurvedic Courses.

Ayurveda Courses

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